Are You A Picky Eater? Or Perhaps You Might Actually Be A Super Taster!

There is a scientific reason behind your pickiness!

Have you ever been told that you’re a picky eater?  Do certain textures turn you off, or perhaps you’re one of those people who can’t let different foods on your plate touch?


All these years?  You’ve been labeled wrong.  There is a scientific reason behind your pickiness!


You may be a supertaster!  The reason is that tastebuds cover the tongue.  Receptors on them send signals to the brain about what we’re eating…


Supertasters are people who have more of these tastebuds than the average person but, despite sounding like a superpower, it can actually make a lot of otherwise-delicious foods unbearable.


Supertasters are said to have a gene called TAS2R38, which makes them extra sensitive to bitterness in foods.


Some supertasters report finding salty and sweet flavours excessive too, preferring more bland items instead.

“On the opposite end of the spectrum are non-tasters, who have fewer tastebuds and find many foods duller than the rest of us,” reports the article.


Here’s how you know if you’re a supertaster.  You may find these foods overwhelmingly bitter.  Broccoli, spinach, coffee, beer, chocolate, Brussel sprouts, turnips, grapefruit, and watercress.