Are You Suffering from NES? Night Eating Syndrome!

Do you suffer from NES?

If you find yourself eating most of your daily food intake in the evening, or waking up for a nighttime snack more often than normal, then you may be suffering from NES.

Night eating syndrome is a condition that combines two key things, overeating at night time and also suffering from sleep problems.

You may eat a lot after certain hours of the evening, have trouble sleeping, and you may also wake up in the middle of the night and need to munch on some grub.

While NES isn’t considered a life-threatening condition, it could cause health problems down the line such as weight gain, insomnia and mental health conditions, if it’s left untreated.


If you have NES, then you may be eating a quarter of your daily calorie intake after dinner, or/ and you may wake up at night at least twice a week to eat.

You may also suffer from Night time eating syndrome if you have at least three of the below:

  • An almost overwhelming urge to eat between dinner and sleep
  • Waking up to eat
  • Decreased appetite during the day
  • Eating many calories at night
  • Insomnia for four or five nights per week
  • No appetite in the morning
  • Depression or anxiety

Experts say that the key to tackling this issue, is a good nighttime routine, eating healthy and exercising.