Eating Peanut Butter Could Give You The Same Boost As Spooning Someone!

Certain foods have the power to give us an instant serotonin boost.

Expert says even just one teaspoon of peanut butter could give us the same dose of happiness as spooning in bed for 30 seconds.

This comes at a time when people are dealing with an impending recession, SAD, the cost of living crisis and more – with recent research revealing 50% of people feel weighed down at the moment.

So reach for the peanut butter to make everything better!

The reason is that peanut butter features tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for producing serotonin in the body, meaning just a small portion could provide an instant mood lift.

The study also revealed that even the way people eat their food can impact how happy they feel, as 43% found that spooning the popular spread out of a jar made them feel just as good as cuddling a partner.

We instinctively know that spooning with someone makes us feel better. But what is interesting from the research is finding out the quantity and quality of spooning required to feel good…

Either half a minute of spooning with someone or a 15g spoonful of peanut butter provides that serotonin boost that we all need…