Armpit Concealer Is Here Thanks To New TikTok Trend!

Armpit Concealer is Here, because beauty standards are alive and well!

First, they came for our eyebrows, then they came for our calves. And now, beauty standards have made their way to our armpits.

The latest trend to hit TikTok involves covering ‘dark’ underarms with makeup, yet again making us feel like there’s something wrong with our bodies in their natural state.

Videos of the practice on the social media platform have garnered over 4.5 billion views, with influencers sharing the ‘hack’ to help lighten and even out the area.

Although some use purpose-made products, others raid their makeup bag for regular concealer, covering their ‘pits with cosmetics and blending away signs of hyperpigmentation.

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Armpit insecurity is a real thing.

Research by Dove found that 76% of women experience issues like redness, dark marks, hyperpigmentation or shaving bumps, with two-thirds (62%) feeling self-conscious about their armpits’ appearance.

A whopping 30% said their relationships had been impacted by this insecurity, and seven in 10 girls even said they’re less likely to raise their hand in class due to feeling embarrassed by their underarms.

Enough is surely enough, as not only are invisible armpits an unrealistic body standard that harms our self-esteem, but the trend of slathering them in products also comes with risks.

Covering the pores on your armpit with anything directly can lead to clogged pores, and block the body’s natural and necessary way of excreting toxins through sweat.