At What Age Do We Hit Our Moderation Era?

According to new research, we hit our moderation era at age 29! (Said Dale never)

A survey of 2,000 adults, aged 21 and older revealed that 86% agree that their alcohol intake is all about moderation…

Beyond that, food and snacks, shopping and socializing were some of the most important areas in life to practice moderation.

Though it may be the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season is also the busiest as the top areas adults struggle to moderate are their spending (47%), snacking (43%) and alcohol and wine intake (29%).

During the holiday season, adults dedicate nearly four hours to both socializing (3.6 hours) and time spent on relationships and friendships (3.6 hours).

In other aspects of their lives, respondents will dedicate a little more than three hours to travel and about three hours to their alcohol and wine intake.

Adults admit that they drink the least during the summer, though, to that same tune, they spend the most time socializing during that same season.

Almost half (45%) have a special bottle of alcohol or wine that they only break out on special occasions.

Reasons for stashing that bottle away include being a favourite, having a high price tag or simply because it was a gift.

The top three people considered worthy of sharing that bottle include a friend, their mom or a sibling.


  • Rosé – 21%
  • Moscato – 20%
  • Chardonnay – 12%
  • Merlot – 8%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – 8%
  • Sauvignon blanc – 5%
  • Pinot noir – 5%
  • Zinfandel – 4%
  • Pinot grigio – 4%
  • Riesling – 4%