Atrocious Food Habits, That Could End Up Being A Deal Breaker!

Don't use your fingers! That's Gross!

New research suggests that bad food habits can be a deal-breaker for many people.



Three in five people would end a date early or break up with someone if they had a food habit they found annoying – especially men.



This new poll found that men were twice as likely to end it if that person had a bad food habit, yet men are actually more likely to have bad habits themselves.


The survey looked at some of the biggest food habit pet peeves and found that 68% identified talking with your mouth full as the most inexcusable food sin.



Notably note on the list of bad food habits, scooping food onto your fork with your fingers instead of a knife.





  • Talking with mouth full – 68%
  • Chewing loudly – 64%
  • Open-mouth chewing – 63%
  • Slurping food – 52%
  • Double-dipping – 44%
  • Eating food from off the floor – 41%