Avoid Wedding Cake Smash Trend!  It Could Spell An Unhappy Marriage!

Is it really worth it?

Wedding cake smash trend!

Although wedding trends change over the years, many are rooted in traditions that go back for decades.


Did you know that flashmob-style first dances aren’t that different from choreographed routines of the 17th century?

It’s said that the wildflower bouquets of today bear similarities to the herb-filled arrangements carried by medieval brides (allegedly to mask the scent of their body odour).

Then there’s the ‘cake smash’, a practice that may seem like something built for the age of social media, but which dates back to ancient Rome.

In times gone by, brides would have barley cake crumbled over their heads to symbolize male dominance and future fertility. Nowadays, however, both the bride and groom smear a slice of freshly-cut cake into each other’s faces to symbolize their playful and fun-loving personalities.

Cake smashing is a very popular tradition. According to Hitched.co.uk’s National Wedding Survey, 79% of couples who married in 2022 included a cake-cutting ceremony as part of their big day.

But it might not be a tradition you want to partake in, as it’s considered to be a terrible omen among wedding professionals.

On a Reddit thread where industry workers shared their wedding day red flags, one photographer wrote: ‘I swear that all of the couples that have split up have smashed the cake in their significant other’s face.’

Many other wedding industry professionals agree!

Wedding planners agree too.  They say not only is it messy, but it’s also not appropriate, especially for a luxury wedding.

Sometimes, the groom does it even when the bride clearly says “Don’t smash a cake in my face.”

You don’t want to start your marriage off on the wrong foot, so it’s important to chat through the idea and only go ahead with it if your partner offers enthusiastic consent.

There are countless examples of this on TikTok and beyond, with numerous videos of frosting-covered brides walking away after their spouse’s ‘joke’ goes awry.

One woman whose new husband pulled the stunt on their big day even asked for a divorce as a result…

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The cost and effort that goes into planning a wedding likely factor into why a cake smash is so controversial. After all, who wants to spend hours having their makeup done and spend hundreds (if not thousands) on a multi-tiered masterpiece, only to have both destroyed in a matter of seconds?