Backstreet Boys Retire Dance Moves From DNA Tour Because They’re Too Old

“We Can’t Get Back Up”

Remember the days of the late 90s and early 00s, when the Backstreet Boys used to fill our hearts with excitement over their synchronized dance moves. 25 years later, they’re still wowing us with their moves, though there are a few they’ve chosen to retire.


As BSB is taking their DNA World Tour on the road, the “boys” chatted with Entertainment Tonight about what changes to expect.


Noting that a few of their signature dance moves that once drove fans crazy years ago, won’t be included in upcoming shows because certain things aren’t as young as they used to be — and by certain things, we mean their agile knees.


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”They hurt more!” Howie Dorough laughed, “We can’t get down on our knees anymore ’cause we can’t get back up.”


As for exactly which moves they’re retiring, Kevin Richardson, 50 years old and the eldest of the group explained, “we used to be in a standing position, drop to our knees… with no knee pads on, and then pop right back up. We don’t do that anymore,” he added. “We don’t do kip-ups anymore when you’re laying on your back and jump up. We don’t do splits anymore.”


They may not be able to get down, get down and move it all around as they used to, but fans won’t be disappointed as the group says they’ve added some new moves that don’t include their knees.


BSB has two shows scheduled in Toronto at the Budweiser Stage on July 1st and 2nd!