‘Bad Boys 4’ Is Officially Happening!

What slap?

“Bad Boys 4” is officially happening. Will Smith posted a video where he drives to Martin Lawrence’s house to tell him it’s on.

The fourth Bad Boys film was announced by Smith with an Instagram video, which saw him reunite with Lawrence and deliver their catchphrase “bad boys for life”.

The video follows Smith as he drives to Lawrence’s home, telling his followers: “Yo, I’ve got an announcement, y’all better stop scrolling.”

The opening bars of Shake Ya Tailfeather by Nelly, P Diddy and Murphy Lee, from the soundtrack of 2003’s Bad Boys II, can be heard in the background.

Arriving at Lawrence’s door, the duo announces that the fourth film is officially on the way. “It’s about that time!” Lawrence shouts.

The pair are seen joking that they should not have wasted the Bad Boys For Life title on the third film, as they could have saved it to be a pun for use in the fourth film.

The currently untitled sequel will be directed by the same duo who made the scrapped Batgirl film.

That instalment was one of the last successful blockbusters before the Covid pandemic, taking $426m at the box office.

The original Bad Boys film earned $141m worldwide in 1995, while the 2003 sequel Bad Boys II took $273m.

The third film, Bad Boys For Life, outperformed the previous two entries combined at the box office – although part of that can be attributed to the price inflation of cinema tickets in the intervening 17 years.