Baileys Launches A ‘Light’ Option That Has 40% Less Sugar Than Its Signature Irish Cream!

Now you can have your Baileys and coffee guilt-free!

The liqueur company introduced a diet-friendly version of its signature drink, which has been dubbed Baileys Deliciously Light.


In a pretty white bottle, Baileys Deliciously Light is made with 40% less sugar than what is found in Baileys Original Irish Cream.


The new drink is also supposed to have 40% fewer calories than Baileys’ regular Irish cream liqueur.


According to the company’s published nutrition facts, Baileys Deliciously Light turned out to have 7.8 grams of sugar and measure 139 calories in a 2.5-ounce serving on average.

Baileys Original Irish Cream, on the other hand, contained 13.3 grams of sugar and 233 calories on average per servings of the same size (2.5 ounces).


There’s also less booze, as the alcohol volume is 16.1% versus there 17% that is found in Baileys Original Irish Cream.