Balenciaga Is Selling A $925 Shift That Looks Like A Towel!


You could seriously make this same look happen for three bucks at Walmart:  Balenciaga is now selling a $925 skirt that looks like you’re wearing a Towel.

There’s not much else to describe.  It’s like you just stepped out of the shower, and you’ve got a gray towel wrapped around your waist.  But you’re supposed to wear it over your clothes.

It’s not just a towel.  It’s got buttons inside.  Plus an adjustable belt that’s hidden, so it won’t fall off like a normal towel could.  Unlike real towels, it’s dry clean only.

It’s unisex, by the way.  So it’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s completely out of touch with what things should cost.

Sadly, they probably won’t get it in time for the holidays though.  Balenciaga is just doing pre-orders.  It may not ship until February.