Barbie Announced Their 2024 Career Of The Year Collection! 

Here are four dolls in a select industry! 'Women in Film' collection includes four new Barbie characters…

There is no denying that “Barbie” was on everyone’s brain in 2023. Ever since the first movie trailers for the feature film staring the most famous doll in the world was release, we can’t get enough…

The dolls, however, have been around since 1959 — and now the brand has announced a new line for its Career of the Year collection. This year, the Mattel brand toy will feature four new dolls focused on women in the movies.

The four new Barbie dolls represent four different film careers: studio executive, director, cinematographer and movie star.  

The idea came after Greta Gerwig’s successful “Barbie” movie, which made Gerwig the first female director in history with a billion-dollar film, according to the brand. 

The dolls, which are currently available online at the Mattel Shop for $49.99, are part of Barbie’s ongoing Career of the Year collection, which began in 2010. 

Some of the other themes have included the architect in 2011, a Mars explorer in 2013, the judge in 2019, a presidential campaign team in 2020 and the eco-leadership team in 2022, among others.