Bare Minimum Mondays! The New Trend that Gen Zs are all About!

It's hard to get motivated on a Monday!

Popularized on TikTok by user Marisa Jo Mayes (@itsmarisajo), Bare Minimum Monday encourages workers to do as little work as possible on Monday, even focusing on self-care rituals for the first few hours of the day, to ease into the workweek and stave off anxious feelings about the week ahead.

The hashtag #bareminimummondays has already racked up 2 million views on TikTok, with videos of users taking part in the seemingly effortless trend.

@itsmarisajo Here’s how I modify my #bareminimummondays on heavier workload days! I’m self-employed & work from home, and this Bare Minimum Monday practice completely altered the way I approach my work 😩🤌 #selfemployed #wfhtips #bareminimummonday #burnoutrecovery #greenscreen ♬ Choke Up – Sky McKee

Bare minimum Mondays, a “burnout prevention strategy” where employees scrape by doing the least amount of work possible to get through the most dreaded day of the week.

Gen Z-led movements such as the Great Resignation and acting your wage stem from young workers annoyed with being overworked, underpaid and, most importantly, unhappy. Earlier this year, workers took the “quiet” part to new heights — quitting on a dime without a two-week notice.