Barrie Police Respond After Dog Calls 911

Paws off!

It’s not a call that Barrie Police have received before, but on February 16th just after 3 am, police say they got a call that sounded like someone was upset or in distress.

Police attempted to make voice contact with the caller on the other end of the phone. 

Officers were dispatched.  They arrived at the home to find that all occupants were ok and that the caller was the family dog chewing on the phone.

Barrie police say that 911 was likely pre-programmed in the phone so when  Fido (not actual name) began chewing on the phone, it was activated.

Police are reminding the public that mobile telecommunications devices should always be locked to avoid accidental calls from being made to 911 and that they should be placed out of reach of children and pets, when left unattended or receiving a charge