‘Bed Rotting’Is the New Hot Self-Care Trend for Lazy Gen Zers

‘Bed rotting’ has become one of the most popular forms of recouping!

There are currently over 305 million views on TikTok as Gen Z jumps into bed as a method of self-care.

While it may sound extreme — and gross — “bed rotting” just refers to laying in bed for long amounts of time.

It doesn’t matter what you do while you’re in bed or why you’re there, as long as you’re cuddled up in bed beyond bedtime.

Some people are “bed rotting” while binge-watching Netflix, stuffing their faces with sugary snacks or simply staring at the ceiling, while others are falling a bit more into the “clean girl” aesthetic by doing face masks, sleeping on silk pillowcases and meditating in bed.

Fans claim “bed rotting” can be a great way to reclaim both physical and mental health whether people are recovering from a cold, a busy week or a nasty hangover.

While the self-care and wellness industries have rapidly expanded in recent years — especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — some critics have suggested that wellness culture has gotten a little out of hand and even a bit toxic.

Recent trends like “body checking” and “What I Eat in a Day” videos may be tumbling over the line into an unhealthy obsession with self-care and wellness routines.