The Direction Your Bed Is Facing May Be Making You Sick!

Does anyone have a compass?

A new study claims that the way your home is set up could be affecting your health, your finances, and even your work productivity.


Could your interior design skills save your physical and mental health? A new study explains that just by pointing your bed and other furniture in the right direction, your well-being could greatly improve!


40 years of research went into studying the zen or flow of certain objects and how they are placed in buildings as well as the direction they face.  The researchers say this can impact everything from stress, to sleep, to mental health.


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Is your bed facing the wrong way?


According to the study, if your head is facing to the east or south when you sleep, you’re more likely to have a lower heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.


Meanwhile, people with homes that have an entrance facing south display poorer mental health and have more financial problems. Sounds like you may need to bring a compass the next time you’re looking to buy a house!

Whether you work in an office or at home, it might also be time to turn your desk around! Researchers found that facing east while you work leads to greater brain coherence and helps workers complete tasks faster.