Beetlejuice 2 Is Confirmed!

“Beetlejuice 2,” the long-awaited sequel to Tim Burton’s 1988 macabre masterpiece, is set to be released in September of 2024, Warner Bros.

“Beetlejuice 2” will hit theatres on September 6th, 2024. Besides Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Jenna Ortega, it’ll also star Justin Theroux in an unannounced role.

Starring Keaton, Ryder, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, “Beetlejuice” was a dark, funny and inventive original story that turned into a critical and bankable success, spawning cartoons as well as a recently-shuttered Broadway musical.

The first film’s success was largely thanks to the cast, featuring Keaton as a fast-talking and highly inappropriate poltergeist who searches to take advantage of the “recently deceased” Maitlands (Baldwin and Davis) as well as their former abode’s new tenants.

It is unclear whether the ongoing writers’ strike will affect “Beetlejuice 2’s” potential production timeline or release schedule. The film is currently set to premiere in theatres on Friday, September 6, 2024.