Being “Over Employed” Is The New Work Trend

This is a thing!

The “quiet quitting” trend may be over as the latest work trend is 2 or more jobs without any bosses knowing.

It’s a growing trend in the tech sector with many workers doing multiple jobs at once, on the sly.

To offset the cost of living many people have taken to getting a second full-time job in their professional field without leaving their first job.

There’s even a website called to help remote workers do it.

In contrast to the viral office trend of “quiet quitting” that sees many workers only engaging in the bare minimum that’s required of them, people who sign up for the over-employed life are moving in the opposite direction: burning the candle at as many ends as they can manage, getting multiple full-time paycheques for as long as they can pull it off.

But working exclusively from home is almost always key to the entire operation.