Benedict Cumberbatch Fears Be May Have Been The Reason That COVID-19 Spread Around The World

Was he a super spreader?

Benedict Cumberbatch was sick while on a trip in South Africa, months before the pandemic started, and he fears the entire thing is his fault.


The Sherlock actor thinks he might have been “patient zero” before the coronavirus started making headlines at the end of 2019.


In a recent interview with The Independent, Cumberbatch says,  “I was incredibly ill, to the point that when all this COVID stuff suddenly broke in the new year, I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, was I actually patient zero?’” He continues, “I was so ill. It was borderline pneumonia.”


Since recovering from whatever his illness was, Benedict has helped medics fight the pandemic by donating over US$16,600 to fund a field hospital.