Billie Eilish Shared A Bed With Her Parents Until She Was 11-Years-Old

She suffered from crippling anxiety as a child.

Billie is sharing her difficult younger years, opening up about how she was terrified of the dark and battled “separation anxiety” which meant that family bed-sharing was the only way she’d be able to sleep.

Billie told the Sunday Time Magazine that she still has trouble being alone and spends as much time as she can with her parents at their home in LA.

Billie’s family is also highly involved in her music career so she takes them all with her when she tours the world.

She added of the whole family hitting the road together: “Usually when you turn 18 you go to college and leave your whole family behind. And it is so nice that we all get to travel the world.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Billie Eilish