Booze News You Can Use

Lots of booze news out there today, including something you might want to get for Christmas, something you WON’T want to get, and some fresh stats on binge drinking from around the world . . .

1.  Kahlúa-scented perfume is now a thing that exists.  (???)  It’s supposed to smell like an espresso martini.  So, vodka, Kahlúa, and coffee.  They’re doing it as part of the espresso martini’s 40th birthday this year.  You can pre-order it at for $105 a bottle.  

2.  Fish-flavoured liquor also arrives this month.  (???)  A place in New Hampshire called Tamworth Distilling has a new brandy that tastes like smoked trout.  They’ll start selling it on November 17th for $65 a bottle. They also have a whiskey that tastes like crab, and another that tastes like deer meat.

3.  FUN FACT: A new report found Americans are NOT the biggest binge drinkers in the world, but are top 5, ranking 3rd! The report looked at 33 wealthy nations and how common it is. The report defined it as six or more drinks in one “session.” Denmark ranked first.  37% of Danes have done some binge drinking in the past month.  Then it’s Romania, 36%, the U.K., 35%, and the U.S. is 10th at 23%.  

In case you were wondering- Canada ranks #18 in the top 20! 

If you just look at stats for women, we rank higher, fourth in the world.  21% of American women have gotten hammered in the past month.  The U.K. ranked first at 26%.