Bosses Are Now ‘Quiet Firing’ Employees

They do this to save face!

Ironic as Canadian Employers are still looking to fill over one million positions across the country!

You May Be “Quiet Quitting,” But Could Your Boss Be Quietly Firing You?

Quiet firing is a largely unreported trend that has been going on for years. You may have experienced this directly, but didn’t know that there was an actual thought process and concerted effort on the part of the manager to get rid of you.

This is when employers make your work environment unbearable!

Unrelenting criticism, public humiliations, nagging, fault finding, thwarting any chances of advancements and souring senior management on you will eventually wear you down. There is only so much abuse you can take.

After a while, you realize that things will never change. You start quietly quitting, getting in touch with recruiters and searching for a new job. You figure you’d rather leave of your own accord than continue being punished and ultimately fired.

Some companies prefer to make life uncomfortable for workers, so they depart of their own volition. 

The unpleasant reality is that managers are tasked with determining who will stay or be selected for a layoff when conditions deteriorate and the company needs to cut costs.