#BoyfriendAir Is A New Epidemic

Yuck is in the air!

Have you ever been in your husband’s man cave or your boyfriend’s bedroom and felt icky afterwards?

Though not a clinically recognized pollutant, the viral #BoyfriendAir epidemic sees angry wives and girlfriends complain that their hair, skin and overall hygiene become inexplicably ruined after spending only a few hours in their guy’s man cave.

Many women are taking to social media to explain what happens when spending too much time in their boyfriend’s or husband’s air.

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Under the TikTok hashtag #boyfriendair, the term has over 18 million views from women with similarly icky stories. 

And while there’s no exact cause of the boyfriend air plague, some online theorists posit that changes to a woman’s skin or hair may come as a result of their guy failing to wash his bed sheets and other linens regularly. 

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This is why perhaps a man’s bathroom is left alone!