Women Are Better With Their Hygiene Than Men!

Hygiene Routines are important for everyone!

New research finds that women claim to have a better understanding of how to care for their hygiene than men (57% vs. 42%.

A survey of 1,000 men and 1,000 women looked at the differences in how the genders care for their hygiene and found that while 73% of all respondents said hygiene care is easy, one in 10 women said the opposite.

On average, women also put one more hour a week into caring for their hygiene such as showering, shaving, etc. 

Results showed that most respondents agree that proper personal hygiene care should be taught as early as possible.

40% said they’re comfortable when talking about their personal hygiene with close friends or family members.

Across the board, people prioritize washing their hands and body the most, followed by brushing their teeth or applying deodorant.

While women are more likely to prioritize washing their “intimate areas” and their skincare routine, men are more likely to stay on top of cutting their nails and shaving their faces.

A surprising stat, men are more likely to wash their hair more than twice a week!

Time and place may affect how respondents are able to care for their hygiene – generally, survey-takers described their bodily hygiene as more challenging to care for as they get older, especially men.

And 40% agree that it is harder to care for their personal hygiene when they’re away from home, like when they’re at work or on vacation.


  1. Washing my hands – 90%
  2. Washing my body – 90%
  3. Brushing my teeth – 87%
  4. Applying deodorant/antiperspirant – 84%
  5. Washing my hair – 83%
  6. Washing “intimate areas” – 81%
  7. Washing my face/skincare – 77%
  8. Cutting my nails – 64%
  9. Using mouthwash – 62%
  10. Flossing – 51%