Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Lawyer Quits

They're dropping like flies!

Her longtime conservatorship lawyer wants to be released as her court-appointed representative.



Sam Ingham has been on the case since 2008, basically since the very start.  But after explosive testimony from Britney in late June, Sam has decided it’s time to step away.


TMZ says that Ingham didn’t know that Britney wasn’t happy, and after the judge heard Brit’s testimony, the judge accused the lawyer of failing to provide Spears in all legal obligations. Attorney/Client privilege will prevent us from knowing all the details of Ingham’s decision to quit. 



Britney’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph just announced retirement from the music business. According to sources, Brit and her manager haven’t spoken in over 2 years after Britney decided to take a break from performing.



And Brit’s team at Bessemer Trust finance announced that they no longer want any part of Brit’s conservatorship.  Looks like Brit really needs a new team.