Cancel Culture Has Officially Come For Emojis

Stop it! The older generations didn't want emojis in the first place!

Gen Zers are calling out the popular thumbs-up emoji for being “rude” and “hostile,” even saying they feel attacked whenever they see it used in a workplace text!

According to a conversation on Reddit, Gen Zs find the thumbs-up emoji passive-aggressive.

The older generations are having a hard time understanding this as a thumbs-up has always represented a sign of positivity!

When people used to give a real “thumbs-up” using their hand- it meant ‘Go job’ or ‘well-done.’

Gen Zs say that the “thumbs-up” emoji comes across as dismissive, especially in a work environment!

Several Reddit users agreed with the decision to cancel the emoji, saying that using it in a work environment makes the team members “unaccommodating” and seem “unfriendly.”

The official list of “cancelled” emoji includes:

  1. Thumbs-up 👍
  2. Red heart ❤️
  3. “OK” hand 👌
  4. Checkmark ✅
  5. Poo 💩
  6. Loud crying face 😭
  7. Monkey covering eyes 🙈
  8. Clapping hands 👏
  9. Lipstick kiss mark 💋
  10. Grimacing face 😬