Cap’n Crunch’s Uniform Has Finally Been Fixed!

He's finally been promoted!

The stripes on the cereal mascot’s sleeves are getting a long-overdue update.

Did you ever notice the stripes on Cap’n Crunch’s sleeves?

First, you had to have been allowed the sugary breakfast cereal in the mornings or at least on Saturdays.

Chowing down on the delicious breakfast treat and gazing at the box was a staple for most. 

But did you know that there has been an error in the uniform of one Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch?

The gold stripes on his sleeves are below his rank.

Despite his decades of distinguished service fighting off the dreaded Soggies or sailing into your bowl as part of a balanced breakfast, Cap’n Crunch has been wearing a coat sporting three bars — reserved for the lower rank of commander — instead of the four bars befitting of a captain.


Since the character was first created in 1963 by television producer Allan Burns (who also worked on Rocky and Bullwinkle and co-created The Munsters and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, among other credits), Cap’n Crunch’s sleeves have varied from depicting him as an ensign (one bar) to lieutenant (two bars), and, presently, commander.

To celebrate the Cap’n’s 60th birthday, Quaker Oats decided it was time to set things right!  Starting this month, Cap’n Crunch’s uniform is getting a long overdue adjustment on all of the brand’s cereal and snack products.