‘Career Showers’ Anyone?

Why not celebrate other milestones!

Having a baby? Cue the baby shower. Getting married? It’s time for a jack and doe.

But what if you don’t want to get married and aren’t interested in kids?

According to a poll, upwards of 30% of people don’t want to get married.

YouGov also found that when it comes to having children 37% don’t want them and a further 19% say that they don’t want kids anytime soon, although they may change their minds.

But why should those who don’t want to be married or have children be deprived of a celebration?

A TikToker named Amy Chan says that those to choose work over family should also be celebrated!  And that’s why through the magic of TikTok Amy is trying to ‘normalize hosting career showers.’

@missamychan Normalize hosting career showers! #careershower #womenempowerment #internationalwomensday #fyp #girlboss ♬ original sound – Amy Chan / Breakup Expert

Maybe your friend got the promotion or that title they’ve always wanted. Maybe she got a pay increase or landed her dream job. It’s important to celebrate the wins that don’t involve marriage and babies, she says.

Amy said: ‘There are also other important milestones in a woman’s life to be celebrated, such as starting a new company, buying your first home, getting a big promotion.’

The concept is the same as any other shower. There are nice flowers, a cake and everyone gets a little dressed up.