Carole Baskin Of Tiger King Has Scored Her Own Show!

It will be a big cat investigation show!

Baskin’s new show will be called Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight and she will study the treatment of big cats at the zoo formerly owned by Joe Exotic.



The show will debuts next month and will also feature Baskin’s husband, Howard, and Joe’s niece, Chealsi, who spent much of her childhood working at the zoo.



The new series will air of Discover+ and will centre around the trio tracking “dangerous operations” and many shocking moments according to the publicists. 



Carole also teams up with retired homicide detective Griff Garrison as they investigate the property for evidence of animal trafficking and abuse. Carole and company also attempt to shut down animal abuse at illegal zoos, with one of their cases leading them to a former drug dealer in Miami.

Baskin first appeared in the Netflix series Tiger King.  Joe Exotic is currently serving 22 years in jail for masterminding a plot to kill Baskin.  



A judge later awarded his G.W. Zoo property to Baskin and her Big Cat Rescue.