Change Your Name To “Subway” And Get Free Subs For Life…

Eat Fresh!

After upgrading its entire menu with freshly sliced meats and introducing a collection of new Deli Hero subs earlier this summer, Subway is now looking to reward its biggest fan with free subs for life if they legally change their first name to Subway.

From August 1 through August 4, 2023, Subway fans and sandwich lovers alike can visit, and enter to win free Subway Deli Heroes for life if they commit to legally change their name. 

Subway will select one lucky winner to earn free sandwiches and assume an iconic new identity. Subway will also provide the winner with money to reimburse them for legal and processing costs for the name change, making it easy to become Subway and enjoy a lifetime of subs.

This contest is open to US residents only as they are the only ones that would do this, LOL!