Changes in Personal Grooming Habits, We’re Grooming Less

63% are wearing less makeup now!

Once the pandemic hit and we stopped spending time around other people, apparently we realized that personal hygiene wasn’t a big deal anymore!


A new survey from YouGov asked people about the changes in their personal grooming habits since quarantine started last year. Here are the results:



1. Wearing makeup, 63% of people who did it before do it less now.

2. Styling your hair, 50% do it less.

3. Wearing a bra, 34%.

4. Putting on clean clothes every day, 29%.

5. Washing your hair, 25%.

6. Showering, 17%.

7. Using deodorant, 16%.

8. Putting on fresh underwear and socks, 8%.

9. Brushing your teeth, 6%.