Cheddarmageddon descends as cheese festival ‘runs out of cheese

People were pretty cheesed off!

You’d think it would be the one thing you’d remember if you were charging hundreds of cheese-obsessed fans £6 to visit ‘Cheesefest’.

But furious cheese fans claim that the festival failed to provide enough of the single most important thing – cheese.

The Brighton this weekend promised melted mozzarella, cheese wheels, gooey cheese sticks- and the ‘most amazing mac and cheese in the world.”

But hundreds were left cheesed off by the festival and slammed it as the ‘worst rip-off ever.”

A CheeseFest spokesman said: ‘The weekend has been a great success and people have enjoyed some amazing cheeses.

‘We had some technical difficulties on Saturday but on Sunday everyone had an amazing time with no negative feedback.”