Children’s Author, Beverly Clearly Has Died

She was 104

Her most notable characters included Ramona and Beezus Quimby, Henry Huggins.


Clearly’s publisher, HarperCollins announced Friday that the author had passed away on Thursday in Northern California.


Beverly was a librarian at first and didn’t start writing books until she was in her 30’s.  Her first book was Henry Huggins in 1950.

By far Beverly’s most popular books were the Ramona series. In all, there were eight Ramona books between Beezus and Ramona in 1955 and Ramona’s World in 1999. Others included Ramona the Pest and Ramona and Her Father. In 1981, Ramona and Her Mother won the National Book Award.


Her books have been translated into many languages and have inspired TV programs around the world. A 10-part PBS series, Ramona, starred Canadian actress Sarah Polley.  The 2010 film Ramona and Beezus featured actresses Joey King and Selena Gomez.