Chocolate-Covered Cicadas Anyone?

A Maryland Candy store is selling them and is ‘Inundated with Orders’

We’ve all been warned, the cicadas are coming, so why not make the best of it by eating them.


ChouQuette Chocolates & Confections is currently making chocolate-covered cicadas.  While this may not sound appealing, there is a process to these little treats.


According to ChouQuette’s instructions, the cicadas need to first be collected, frozen, boiled, and oiled before they can be placed in an air fryer. Once the bugs are cooked and cooled, they can be covered in melted chocolate.


When the chocolate has hardened, they can then be served like any other chocolate-covered snack – unless of course, you prefer your cicadas in a fondue style.

Experts estimate that trillions of cicadas will rise from underground this summer.