Chris Rock’s Netflix Special Is Coming At A Perfect Time!

Set your PVR!

The new much-anticipated Chris Rock Netflix comedy special will air nearly a year after the assault (the slap) took place at the Oscars.

The comedy special, Selective Outrage will stream live on March 4th, 2023. 

“The Slap” happened on March 28th at the Oscars when Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife.

This will mark the first time Netflix has live-streamed an event in real time. Selective Outrage will stream from Baltimore, Maryland. 

Rock promised there will be “no pre-records, no edits” and Netflix says the show will be seen in “190 countries all at once.”

Rock has been pretty quiet about the Oscars slap during his 2022 stand-up tour, Ego Death, but has promised he will address that night at the Oscars during the live stream special.