Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice Star In the New Movie Zombie Plane

This sounds like a winning script!

Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice will battle the undead in “Zombie Plane”, a movie that was shot earlier this year in Australia. There’s no word when it’s coming out.

Norris and Ice are both playing themselves in an action-comedy titled Zombie Plane, which was shot in Australia earlier this year.

In the movie, a secret government agency has recruited celebrities to be undercover agents and the celebs must save humanity from an imminent attack from the undead. 

The film is directed by Lav Bodnaruk and Michael Mier and also stars Australian actress Sophie Monk. In a statement, producer Jessica Butland promises that audiences “can expect a wild ride, Vanilla Ice is in his element as [a] secret agent and Chuck Norris, having trained him, is excellent.”

Of course, Chuck Norris shouldn’t be called “excellent.” Excellent should be called “Chuck Norris”!