Classic 1990’s TV Commercials

"Stayin' fresh, stayin' cool with Mentos fresh and full of life..."

We’re reliving the 1990’s following today’s huge concert announcement, keep listening to WIN tickets before they go on sale all this week w/ Dale & Charlie and during the Drive @ 5!

The fresh breath war was real in the 90’s and these Top 3 jingles are about to be stuck in your head for the first time in over 20 years.

  • First up – “Mentos, The Freshmaker” and the guy who rolled his loosely fitted suit on fresh paint.

  • Second place – Your “fresh breath goes on and on” while you chew Big Red Gum. (It’s stuck in my head again too!)

  • Third place – Quite possibly the catchiest jingle of the decade was, “the taste is gonna move ya!” by Juicy Fruit. (The actual flavour of this gum lasted about as long as this commercial)