Common Family ‘Daily’ Emergencies

It’s no wonder we’re always so exhausted!

The average parent has to deal with six ‘family crises’ a day – including resolving sibling fights, tantrums, and running late to appointments.

A poll of 1,000 parents of children aged 0-16 found disagreements over bedtime and struggling to understand their kid’s homework are among the daily conundrums they find themselves in.

Leaving the house without snacks in tow, rescuing beloved toys or comforters, and losing internet connectivity when watching a child’s favourite show also emerged among the top 10 little ‘everyday emergencies’.

It also emerged keeping children entertained, helping out with homework and cooking meals for the family, are the moments parents of children any age up to 16 would find most difficult without tech.

The 10 Most Common Family Everyday Emergencies

1.    Children falling over and grazing themselves (21 percent)

2.    Resolving sibling disputes (18 percent)

3.    Dealing with a child’s tantrums (17 percent)

4.    Running late to an appointment (17 percent)

5.    Disagreements about bedtime (17 percent)

6.    Struggling to understand a child’s homework (17 percent)

7.    Not knowing the answer to a question and googling to find out (16 percent)

8.    Realizing you don’t have snacks having left the house (15 percent)

9.    Rescuing a lost favourite toy or comforter (15 percent)

10.   Losing internet connectivity when watching a child’s favourite show (15 percent)