Common Insecurities Women Have That Men Don’t Actually Care About!

Thanks, BuzzFeed for pointing out our flaws!

We’re our own worst critics because most likely those around us don’t even notice the tiny things we pick ourselves apart about.


There’s a Reddit thread going viral about things women tend to be insecure about because they THINK guys care.  But they might care less than you thought.  A bunch of men weighed in.  Here are a few examples.

1.  Boob size.  One guy said it best.  “A good portion of us don’t give a [crap] about that.”


2.  Freckles.  Whether it’s a few on your face, or lots all over.  A lot of guys said they’re sexy, not something you should feel like you have to cover with make-up.


3.  Cellulite, stretch marks, and anything else that might be considered a blemish.  Men just don’t notice them as much as you’d think.  One guy said he never noticed his girlfriend’s cellulite until she pointed it out.

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4.  Body hair.  For example, a lot of women would freak out if a guy rubbed their leg and there was stubble.  But most guys realize it’s natural, not a turn-off.


5.  Your face without make-up.  Some women will do anything to avoid being seen with naked faces.  But going without it can make you seem confident.  And confidence itself is attractive.


6.  Gray hairs.  Silver streaks, and natural hair colour in general, are both in fashion right now.  And a lot of guys wish it was always the trend.