Company Offering People The Chance To Experience Being Buried Alive!

But it will cost you!

Have you ever wondered what your funeral would be like?  Now you can attend your funeral, for a price!

A Russian company is offering customers the chance to participate in their funeral and experience being buried alive for 3.5 million rubles, about the equivalent of $57,000.

The company owner says he created this new venture to help clients discover new talents and “psychic abilities” and deal with their “fears and anxieties’ after the funeral.

There are two packages for getting to attend your final goodbye: the “online funeral,” which goes for about $15,000 and is billed as “stress therapy for fears and anxieties;” and the “full immersion” funeral, which buries customers for up to an hour.

The “full immersion” package includes an entire religious ceremony and is said to renew a person’s desire to live.