Granny Posts Rules For Her Funeral And Bertha Isn’t Invited!

Granny posts strict rules for her funeral: ‘Get drunk’ and ‘Bertha isn’t invited!

Grandma Droniak who is famous on TikTok has a few modest requests or demands, rather for her funeral.


Droniak has been sharing sassy advice and news from her life as a single senior with some of her posts drawing in millions of views.  It’s unclear where Droniak lives at the age of 92 with some posts that have drawn a whopping 15 million views or more.


On Wednesday, the gran-fluencer shared all three of her offbeat funeral desires with her millions of followers on the platform.


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“These are my rules at my funeral,” Droniak begins in the new TikTok, which has drawn over 7 million views so far.


She then exclaims: “Listen up!”

  • “You can cry but don’t cry too much. Don’t make a fool of yourself.”
  • “Bertha is not invited. Don’t let her in.”
  • “And you better get drunk afterward. Take. a shot for me!” [As an addendum, Grandma Droniak confirmed in the comments that getting drunk “during” the memorial is also OK.]


In her caption, she added, “It won’t be any time soon but don’t forget it.”



@grandma_droniak it wont be any time soon but dont forget it #funeral #grandma #rules #dontcry #funeralservices #wake #greenscreen ♬ original sound – grandma_droniak