Coors Light Drenches Florida Highway After Truck Ripped Wide Open!

That's a lot of cargo!

A semi-trailer driving through Florida crashed early Wednesday morning – closing down the highway and saturating it with Coors Light beer.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the crash happened after 6 a.m. in Hernando County, roughly 30 miles north of Tampa. 

One semi-trailer clipped another while changing lanes – forcing other vehicles to brake suddenly.

When the freight truck carrying the Coors Light beers failed to stop, the vehicle collided with a pickup truck and another semi.

Hundreds of Silver Bullet beer cans were strewn across the road in the incident.  There were no serious injuries.

The Weirdest Cargo Spills!

29,000 plastic yellow ducks manufactured by Friendly Floatee toys departed from Hong Kong on a container ship in 1992. However, there was a cargo spill and the ducks ended up falling out of the boat. This mass release led to a mass dispersion of the rubber duckies, which found themselves all over the place, including in the Gulf of Alaska and elsewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

12 Tons Of Chocolate
On May 9, 2018, a four-lane highway in Poland closed due to a tanker that overturned. The truck was carrying 12 tons of liquid chocolate, which quickly oozed out onto the sidewalk. The cleanup involved firefighters using streams of hot water to wash away the brown, gooey chocolate oozing onto the road. 

Thousands of Oranges
In an amazing opportunity to make fresh orange juice, San Diego was shocked by a truck spill in September 2014. A truck’s trailer overturned on a street and, when California Highway Patrol arrived, they found thousands upon thousands of oranges littered all over the road.

Slime Eels Coat An Oregon Road
A spill of creepy, slimy creatures – better known as hagfish – caused a traffic jam in Oregon. It also caused nightmares for the unsuspecting drivers who happened to get doused in the eels while driving down the road. According to the Washington Post, 3.4 tons of hagfish spilled along an Oregon highway in July 2017. The shipment was bound for Korea – where eels are considered a delicacy. The spill coated cars in water, eels, and – most disgustingly – eel slime. A small bulldozer had to clear the road of eels. So. Gross. 

40,000 Pounds of Flaming Avocados
In December 2017, a tractor-trailer
took a spill on Texas’s Interstate 35E. The vehicle’s load of 40,000 pounds of avocados plummeted onto the highway and then caught fire. As a result, the road was closed for most of the afternoon. 

Sex Toys
A semitrailer hauling sex toys and lubricant overturned on an Oklahoma highway, spilling its love load all over the place. The sex toys really left a mess … traffic was reportedly blocked for hours.