Coronavirus Pick Up Lines, Because People Are Still Looking For Love Online!

Everyone needs a little cheesy pickup line in their life!

While people continue to self-isolate as the world deals with the Coronavirus outbreak- Dating apps are seeing a huge increase in users.

People are lonely, no doubt!  People perhaps are looking for someone that they could potential date or hook up with after the quarantine is over… But you have to find someone on the apps that will talk to you first. 

people bumping elbows

To help with this, here are some Coronavirus pick up lines!

Disclaimer:  These are light-hearted humorous lines that are aimed to make you smile!

  • The Coronavirus might have shut everything down, but I’m still open for business.
  • Hey there, are you the vaccine?  Because the whole world is chasing you…
  • Netflix and chill (over Facetime)?
  • If you need someone to self-isolate with I make a mean Quarantini.
  • The only thing not quarantined is my heart when I look at you.
  • Need a hand sanitizer massage?
  • I might have a dad bod, but I’ve got a 6 pack of TP at home
  • Since all the public libraries are closed, I’m checking you out instead!
  • You can’t spell quarantine without “ U R A Q T”

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