Could Happily Ever After Involve An Ex, Just Like Bennifer?

Happily Ever After Could Just Be A Text Away!

If it can happen with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, why couldn’t it happen to you?

Many are now contemplating a second time around with their exes after seeing the couple’s successful love story, and tying the knot on Saturday in Las Vegas nearly 20 years after they first started dating. 

And with their rekindled romance decades later, singles are pondering whether they should pull an ex-factor and reignite old flames while realists of the internet caution, “don’t.”

Call it the Bennifer boomerang. While the gut inclination may be to lose an ex’s number after a bad breakup, singles looking for love may be inclined to keep it on the back burner, some cheeky Bennifer fans suggested on social media.

While many online are optimistic about past loves thanks to Bennifer, realists are giving everyone else a wake-up call.

Taking to social media to ask people to not get back together with an ex, reminding them that they are an ex for a reason.

And, perhaps a more down-to-earth dater declared: “Just because J. Lo and Ben Affleck got married today doesn’t mean the universe is sending you a sign to get back with your
s—-y ex.”

Everyone loves a love story!