Couple Offers Free Beer In Front Yard To Make Friends In New Neighbourhood

Free beer is the best!

Remember in school when you gave someone a stick of gum hoping that they would then be friends with you? This is the adult version of that!


Trying to make new friends is hard, now toss in a pandemic and it can be downright impossible.


One couple in Florida who just moved to a new neighbourhood came up with a fun way to try and make friends.


Amanda and Thomas Evans moved from Fort Myers, Florida, to Cape Coral, Florida, several weeks before the pandemic hit last year, ABC 7 reports. The couple quickly found themselves in a situation where meeting their new neighbours was made almost impossible.


Unable to invite new neighbours in for dinner, which is something they would have tried in the past, the couple posted a flyer around the neighbourhood that said, 

“Hi, we’re new to the neighborhood and would like to meet our lovely neighbors. We will be in our driveway with drinks, ready to meet any neighbors who would like to stop by. We can’t wait to meet you.”

The couple also put up a sign in the driveway to get people’s attention.  The sign read, “Free Beer.”  Now the couple has lots of new friends.