Cozy Cardio- New Fitness Trend Thanks To TikTok

This isn't anything new!

A new fitness trend is sweeping TikTok, and it’s making a lot of people rethink the way they view working out. It’s called “cozy cardio,” a low-impact exercise method that focuses on making yourself feel as comfortable — and as “cozy” — as possible while getting in a workout.

For some, that might look like lighting scented candles, turning on a rom-com and hopping on the treadmill for 30 minutes to an hour. Others, might throw on their comfiest pyjamas, dim the lights and find a dance workout on Netflix or YouTube.

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Either way, cozy cardio is basically “me time” reimagined; it’s all about setting a relaxed vibe that gets your body moving but doesn’t make you dread working out.

TikTokers seem drawn to it because it all happens in the comfort of their home. There are no gym costs, high-intensity routines or even the pressure of looking good, as some may feel with the “Hot girl walk” trend.

We have news for you TikTokers, this isn’t a new trend- we millennials have been doing this for years. But whatever gets you going- you do you!