Crunchy Foods Boost Weight Loss Says New Study!

It’s crunch time!

Dietitians will attest that one of the first rules of weight loss is to eat slowly, allowing your body time to feel full once enough food is in the belly.

Nevertheless, when hunger strikes, it can be hard not to power through every bite.

So, for those who struggle to savour a meal, a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people eat up to half as fast when they have to chew more, leading to about 20% less food consumption.

This means that foods with hard, crunchy, or chewy textures, which require more mastication to swallow, could facilitate weight loss by preventing eaters from eating too much at once and feeling satisfied more quickly.

Based on a study, Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands discovered that those who had the crunchier meals consumed 26% fewer calories — regardless of how processed it was since they’re harder to eat quickly…

People in the groups with crunchier lunches had to chew more before swallowing, the rate at which they consumed the meal was slowed down by up to half and they appeared to eat less.

Researchers believe that the slower a person eats, the better the body can keep track of how much food has been consumed, meaning the person might realize they are fuller faster and will stop eating.