Cup Noodles’ New Ramen Flavour Gives You Breakfast Cravings In A Cup!

What haven't they put in a cup?

The high price of eggs and other breakfast staples is forcing some to look for cheaper breakfast alternatives. How about ramen?

Cup Noodles, the budget-friendly food company, has created a breakfast version of their instant ramen, which mixes the flavours of sausage, maple syrup pancakes and eggs in a saucy texture designed to come to life with water.

the meal takes four minutes to cook in the microwave and results in a soup-based ramen that also contains “visible ingredients” of sausage and eggs. Eaters are encouraged by the company to customize it with hot sauce, more syrup or even rice.

“Cup Noodles Breakfast” goes on sale for $1.18 beginning Wednesday at select Walmart stores and on the retailer’s website.