Daniel Craig Is The Highest Paid Movie Star On Variety List

James Bond takes the top spot from The Rock!

Thanks to an epic deal with Netflix worth $100 Million for the Knives Out sequel, Daniel Craig has taken the highest-paid actor spot on the Variety List.


The Rock moves to the second spot and Will Smith and Denzel Washington are tied for third place.


On the actress list, Jennifer Lawrence and Julie Roberts tied for first please with $25 million each-far less than the men I’d like to point out.


Daniel Craig is now flooded with cash, so what’s he going to do with it?  You’d think he’d leave some at the very least to his kids.


Not the case.  Craig says that inheritance is “distasteful” and says his millions will not be left to his two kids.


The James Bond stars told Candis magazine “My philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go.”


According to Variety, these are the upfront salaries that the following actors will receive for their upcoming films:

  • Daniel Craig, “Knives Out” sequels ($100 million)
  • Dwayne Johnson, “Red One” ($50 million)
  • Will Smith, “King Richard” ($40 million)
  • Denzel Washington, “The Little Things” ($40 million)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, “Don’t Look Up” ($30 million)
  • Mark Wahlberg, “Spenser Confidential” ($30 million)
  • Jennifer Lawrence, “Don’t Look Up” ($25 million)
  • Julia Roberts, “Leave the World Behind” ($25 million)
  • Sandra Bullock, “The Los City of D” ($20 million)
  • Ryan Gosling, ‘The Grey Man” ($20 million)
  • Chris Hemsworth, “Thor: Love and Thunder” ($20 million)
  • Brad Pitt, “Bullet Train” ($20 million)
  • Michael B. Jordan, “Without Remorse” ($15 million)