Daylight Savings This Weekend

In Ontario, clocks spring forward this weekend!

FUN FACT: Only 40% of the countries around the world use daylight savings!


So, need a reason not to dread getting out of bed an hour earlier on March 12? Consider these four benefits of daylight saving time:


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1. There’s more light to enjoy in the evening.

What’s better: Only a fleeting moment of daylight before work (and driving home in the dark) or being able to enjoy the daylight well into the evening hours? That’s what we thought. More light = more time to do what you want or need to do = a happier you.


2. The crime rate drops during daylight saving time.

Research has shown that robbery rates after daylight saving time fall an average of 7 percent, with a much larger 27 percent drop during those light-filled evening hours that didn’t exist before the time change. Mind. Blown.


3. It minimizes energy consumption (and lowers your costs).

When you enjoy more natural daylight, you use less artificial light — and that makes a real impact on the overall cost of energy consumption.


4. It lowers the incidence of traffic accidents.

Like driving home in the daylight versus the darkness, driving is easier when you can see your surroundings and where you’re going, right? Duh! Studies actually show that we could save hundreds of lives per year if we implemented daylight saving time year-round.